Saturday, December 04, 2004

Best laid plans...

The best laid plans always seem to go wrong. My wife is off with a girlfriend to the wilds of Frankfurt and I've got the girls to watch over, including the almost-15-year old daughter of the wife's girlfriend.

So I planned an early breakfast, then out to the Northwest Center, a shopping mall not too far away, then home for lunch and then to my youngest's play.

What happens? The girls don't want to put a foot outside of the door since it's cold out there (around 0° Celsius) and they don't have any money to shop with.

Never mind that they are already going stir-crazy. I'm going to go off and do the shopping, then come back and work.

The reason that utopias never work is that in reality they are populated with teen-age girls who don't want to do anything but go out and spend someone else's money.

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